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Post-Florence, The Fourth Estate Must Expand Its Climate Coverage

Once the water recedes, the excuses must recede as well. After the devastation and death wrought by Hurricane Florence, American print, broadcast and cable media outlets have a journalistic obligation to expand its coverage of the existential crisis of human-caused climate change. No longer can we tolerate having extensive coverage of extreme weather without that… Read more »

Washington State vs. Washington’s Hate

I guess these lives should just be considered collateral damage in Donald Trump’s battle to defend coal: The Trump administration has hailed its overhaul of federal pollution restrictions on coal-burning power plants as creating new jobs, eliminating burdensome government regulations and ending what President Trump has long described as a “war on coal.” The administration’s… Read more »

John McCain, 1936-2018

The Arizona senator’s life was, if nothing else, an incredible journey. On Saturday, that journey concluded.