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Progressives Must Politicize Their Purchasing Power

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to run down to the nearest Foot Locker to buy the newest pair of Jordans—and I haven’t even worn a pair of sneakers since I was a teenager. I also can’t wait to log on to Fandango.com and order my tickets a month in advance. I… Read more »

Technical Foul: Trump Goes There Again

It’s as though demonstrating class would cause him physical pain. President Donald Trump directed a message at LaVar Ball on Twitter on Sunday, less than 24 hours after Ball downplayed the President’s role in helping Ball’s son, LiAngelo, and two other UCLA basketball players return to the United States safely after they were arrested in… Read more »

The Difference Between a Real President and a Reality-TV One

Eight years ago last Saturday–September 23, 2009–President Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Portions of that speech are quite eerie, as though Obama somehow anticipated that the President who followed him would likely be someone who openly scorned the UN. Consider this passage: Franklin Roosevelt, who died before he could see his vision for… Read more »

Nasty, Foul, Loathsome: Trump’s Attack on Colin Kaepernick

Just when you thought Donald Trump couldn’t get any more repugnant… Trump’s demonization of former San Francisco 49ers star Colin Kaepernick has been condemned, kinda, by the commissioner of the league that has effectively blacklisted Kaepernick: National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell responded Saturday morning to President Donald Trump’s excoriation of players who protest during… Read more »

Americans Should Have Given Up on Pro Football Long Before Colin Kaepernick Saga

“It’s about time.” That was my reaction to the great Boston Globe columnist Renee Graham’s recent declaration that she would no longer watch the National Football League in the aftermath of the screwjob the league has apparently pulled on Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers star who’s being treated like a 1950s Hollywood screenwriter… Read more »