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One Democratic Consultant’s Fee: Thirty Pieces of Silver

To quote the renowned Scottish philosopher Gerry Rafferty, I’m trying to make some sense of it all, but I see it makes no sense at all: [Massachusetts] GOP U.S. Senate candidate John Kingston quietly hired Democratic consultant and former Gov. Deval Patrick adviser Ron Bell to woo voters in “urban areas” — even as the… Read more »

Don’t Let David Buckel’s Death Be in Vain

As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures—and when it comes to the climate crisis, we are indeed living in desperate times. It’s hard to overstate the passion and principle of pioneering attorney David Buckel, who died one week ago today at the age of 60. He did not pass away from a dreadful… Read more »

Wingnuttery Loses, Equality Wins

In a time when there’s a limited supply of good news, this moment was a relief—and a blessing. A solid majority of Australians voted in favor of same-sex marriage in a historic survey that, while not binding, paves the way for Parliament to legally recognize the unions of gay and lesbian couples. Of 12.7 million… Read more »

The Greatness We Had Then, The Madness We Have Now

I still remember how nervous I was. I spent the entire day anxious about something possibly going wrong in Ohio due to voter suppression. I was convinced that it would be over after one term, that the old GOP gang would get back together again, that the progress of the previous four years–especially on climate… Read more »

Vice Squad

Will Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence also flake out this Tuesday night? I wouldn’t be surprised if the hyper-conservative Indiana Governor makes a Trump-sized fool of himself at the VP debate, which will be held at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. Pence is perhaps the least intellectually gifted Republican ever chosen to be number two… Read more »