Everyone’s Moving to the Suburbs

As the pandemic rages and Zoom makes commuting irrelevant, an exodus from cities seems underway. Will it continue? Are ‘burbs, already in need of help, ready for the influx?

The Real Housekeepers of Beirut

They come from Africa and Asia to work as domestics in Lebanon. There, many face domestic violence and virtual slavery. Here’s why the law doesn’t protect them.

Even in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of online innovation, families with young children are experiencing a digital divide. Hispanic families in particular saying that they experience slower connections, more data limits, and more broken computers and devices than their white and Asian-Pacific Islander counterparts. More than 80 percent of educators in the area’s high-need schools… Read more »


There’s not much to be said here that isn’t already obvious, but I would be remiss to round out the weekend without mentioning this latest outrage from Donald Trump, in which he speculates on the possible demise of Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor. In it Trump not only demonstrates his debased… Read more »