Even in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of online innovation, families with young children are experiencing a digital divide. Hispanic families in particular saying that they experience slower connections, more data limits, and more broken computers and devices than their white and Asian-Pacific Islander counterparts. More than 80 percent of educators in the area’s high-need schools… Read more »


There’s not much to be said here that isn’t already obvious, but I would be remiss to round out the weekend without mentioning this latest outrage from Donald Trump, in which he speculates on the possible demise of Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor. In it Trump not only demonstrates his debased… Read more »

Syria and North Korea Are Not Impressed

Yesterday I pointed out the shoddy thinking behind the notion that Trump’s airstrikes in Syria were an effective “message” to either Assad or other adversarial states. The airstrikes themselves were wildly ineffective. America’s options against the Syrian regime remain limited. A ground war would be stupid, air strikes alone accomplish very little, and there is… Read more »

What “Message” Was Sent By The Airstrikes in Syria?

Most of the media is still giving Trump high praise for launching airstrikes against Syria, for reasons that continue to elude me. Even critical pieces like this one by James Rubin at the New York Times still call it a “policy success.” Of the major pundits not explicitly associated with the left or the alt-right, only… Read more »

Will Republicans Actually Face Consequences From Their Base for Failing to Repeal the ACA?

With each new Republican attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act again crashing of the rocks of political reality, we get treated to Republicans warning of dire electoral consequences from failing to act on their biggest campaign promise. Case in point: President Donald Trump warned House Republicans Tuesday if they can’t pass health care legislation after… Read more »

The Trump White House Tears Itself Apart Over Internal Leaks

This is hilarious: Sean Spicer’s attempt to target his own staff over leaks to the press has itself been, well, leaked to the press.. The Trump White House has been persistently attacking press leaks since well before the inauguration. And it’s true: the leaks have been pouring out fast and furious. Trump has gone to war with… Read more »