FRIED CALAMARI….James Lileks has only had fried calamari once? On an Italian vacation?

I had calamari in Italy once, during a trip to Herculaneum. It had been caught that very day. They didn?t chop it or de-tentacle it; they just rolled it in crumbs and tossed it in the oil. You could still see the black eyeballs, and you couldn?t help but realize you were eating BRAINS. Yes, brains. Sweeet, delicious BRAINS.

He makes it sound like some strange tribal ritual unheard of in modern America. I mean, sure, he lives in the midwest and all, but surely they’ve at least got an Olive Garden or something he could try.

And is it just me, or does it seem like something called the Thursday Fish Feast really ought to be scheduled for, you know, Thursday?

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