D-SQUARED IS BACK….I’d gotten a little tired of clicking over to D-squared Digest for the past month wondering if anything new would ever appear, but yesterday Daniel finally promised “More soon,” so today I checked back.

I don’t want to say the wait was worth it, since that might provoke him to take long hiatuses (hiati?) again, but, well, it was worth it. He’s got three (!) posts up today, including perhaps the final word on the Michael Dini evolution controversy and a bit about the war.

But the best news is this:

As part of my New Year’s Resolution to pick a really nasty fight with someone, and as a potential supply of more regular updates, I’ve decided to become a “watcher”. I believe that this was all the rage in weblog circles about a year ago.

Anyway, I want to do it, and nobody convinced me that there were better targets for a jihad than Stephen den Beste, so I picked him. It also helps that, as far as I can tell, he’s incredibly thin-skinned (see my comments board somewhere for proof).

So what’s he going to do about Mr. Den Beste? Click here and find out.

As near as I can tell, Daniel’s opinion of Den Beste is eerily identical to mine, but he is not restrained by any sense of politeness from expressing it in public. Thank God for people like him.