GENEALOGY UPDATE….One of the great services that the Mormon church provides to the world is its enormous collection of genealogical information. They have been collecting and microfilming anything they can get their hands on for over a century, and they are a tremendous resource for researchers.

That’s where I was this afternoon: at my local LDS Family History Center looking through old English parish records with my mother. Mostly it was a bust, and we turned up virtually nothing new. But not completely a bust: we did find the original marriage record for my great-great-great-great-grandparents, Joseph Membry and Mary Ann Lavinder, in Bath Abbey on September 11, 1814. Pretty exciting, eh?

But jeez, they sure did pick a bad day to get married on, didn’t they? It reminds me of a guy I read about who was born on September 11 ? as about 1 million Americans are ? who complained that he would never again be able to celebrate his birthday on its real day. Some people just have no foresight, do they?

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