IT’S FILIBUSTER TIME!….Jay Caruso thinks that “Democrats are going to shoot themselves in the foot by filibustering the nomination of Miguel Estrada.”

I think not, Jay. The Democrats have finally learned that compromising with George W. Bush gets them nothing. Bush plays an unusually mean game of hardball, and even if you work with him, even if you refrain from harsh criticism of him, even if you vote for his programs ? even then, he is a partisan animal who does everything in his power to screw you and backs down only in the face of overwhelming force. The 2002 elections removed any lingering doubts on that score.

But hey, that’s OK! Just don’t go complaining when the Dems finally figure it out and decide to play hardball back. Estrada himself is probably not all that important, but the fact that the Senate Democrats have finally developed some backbone is.

So sit back and enjoy the ride. But fasten your seat belt, because it might start to get a little bumpy.