GOOGLE BUYS BLOGGER….So Google is buying Pyra Labs, hosts of the fine blog you’re reading right now. Pyra owner Evan Williams had this to say on his personal weblog:

Holy crap. Note to self: When you get off this panel, you should probably comment on this.

“This panel” refers to an LA blog event held in Chinatown last night. There’s nothing more about this on the Pyra site, but BoingBoing has a couple of posts ruminating over what it all means.

The thing I’m curious about is whether Google will set up a genuine premium service. Speaking for myself, I find the Blogger interface to be adequate, so it’s only the unreliability and frequent outages that bother me (in fact, Blogger is up and down like a yo-yo as I’m typing this). Most bloggers who get serious about blogging eventually solve this problem by switching to Movable Type and signing up for their own domain, but so far I’ve been too lazy to do that.

On the other hand, if Pyra offered a service that was genuinely fast and reliable, I’d sign up just because it would be easy. A few more built-in features in the interface would be nice too, but I’d sign up even without them.

Of course, this might turn out to make no sense from a business model point of view, the sad fate of so many things that “seem like a good idea.” Maybe there just aren’t many people like me who would pay for such a service, and the serious folks are all going to switch to Movable Type anyway. But it seems like it would be worth a try, and since Pyra knows exactly which bloggers have been blogging for a while, how often they post, and what kind of traffic they get ? well, they know the target market for this service perfectly. Seems like it would be worth a try.

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