GOING TO THE MOVIES….Charles Kuffner reports today that the Loews Cineplex theater chain is being sued for showing too many ads before the movies start. Let me just say that while this suit is probably completely groundless, and a prima facie case for tort reform, etc. etc., I heartily approve anyway. If this is a signal of the impending end of Western Civilization, well, so be it. All I can say is that we’re not the ones who fired the first shot.

By the way, Charles notes that European theater listings print two times: when the ads start and when the movie starts. Not only do American theaters not do this, but my local chain (Regal Cinema) actually seems to have a policy of choosing random times to begin the movie. Most of the time the movie doesn’t start until about 20 minutes after the listed time, but sometimes it starts 10 minutes after and on rare occasions it starts right on time. So you have to show up on time or you risk missing part of the movie.

Bastards. And they wonder why movies increasingly don’t appeal to people over 25.