NATIONAL REVIEW’S NOSE GROWS A BIT LONGER….SOON WE WILL NEED SCIENTIFIC NOTATION TO MEASURE IT ACCURATELY….Stephen Moore’s recent NRO article has gotten a bunch of lefty-blogosphere play due to his slippery efforts to pretend that his favored supply side candidates for treasury posts are, um, a bit more more academic than they really are. But how about this passage?

In [his textbook], Mankiw echoes the classic liberal Keynesian attack against the Reagan economic policies that created an 18-year expansion and a $16 trillion increase in wealth. Were those results not “desirable”?

Is that rich? In one sentence he manages to give Reagan credit for Clinton’s entire term and pretends that the 1991-92 recession never happened. Do you love these guys or what?

UPDATE: Kieran Healy reports that National Review has made a small correction.