SUNDAY NOSTALGIA POST…. Remember that old box of stuff I found a few days ago with the Utah sales tax tokens? Well, it had some other interesting little bits of nostalgia in it too.

Apparently my father went through a matchbook cover collecting phase when he was a kid, and there’s a whole scrapbook full of matchbook covers. The page on the right is full of matchbook covers from the 1939 World’s Fair in New York.

The Drum family also visited the Golden Gate International Exposition that year, and brought back a couple of souvenir coins from the Petroleum Exhibit: “A dollar spent for petroleum products never stops circulating. It pays for wages, taxes, materials and brings countless benefits to every business.” The oil biz had better PR back in those days, didn’t it? (Not least due to my grandfather, who owned an advertising agency whose biggest account was Mobil Oil ? or Socony Vacuum as it was called in New York.)

There’s also a copy of the Los Angeles Times from August 15, 1945: “PEACE! Japs Accept Allies’ Terms.” Inside, on page 7, we find “Long-Concealed Story of Radar Finally Told” and on page 9 is “Ontario Increases Tax Rate to All-Time High.”

And one more matchbook cover. This one is part of a set from the Golden Gate Expo and shows the “Gayway,” surely a description that wouldn’t get used today even in San Francisco. It sure is eerily prescient, though, don’t you think?