WHO’S IN CONTROL HERE, ANYWAY?….Robert Novak on White House reaction to Labor Secretary Elaine Chao’s meeting with labor leaders last week:

Presidential aides emphasized that Chao was acting on her own and that the White House was not pleased.

Capitol Hill Blue on White House reaction to its own party’s anti-terrorism bill:

[Congress] “did not respond to the $3.5 billion we asked for ? they not only reduced the budget that we asked for, they earmarked a lot of the money.”

The New York Times on White House reaction to deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage’s testimony before Congress last month:

His efforts left Mr. Bush “off-the-wall angry,” said a senior administration official, whose account was corroborated by several White House officials.

It’s long been clear that President Bush is willing to double-cross just about anyone he deals with if it suits his partisan needs, but now it looks like he can’t even be trusted to support his own people.

And these quotes are all from just the past couple of weeks; another couple of years of this and Bush won’t have a party left to support him in 2004. A happy thought, no?