RELIGION VS. THEOCRACY….Hmmm….Charles Murtaugh and Atrios both have posts up about religion and religious conservatives. Neither likes what the other has to say, but I think both of their posts have merit. I’m not sure there’s quite as much disagreement between them as they think.

In any case, Atrios reflects my own views pretty well ? and is entertaining at the same time! “Christians are great,” he says, but:

Liberals have contempt for people who try and mandate the teaching of creationism. We have contempt for people that have built an entire political movement by demonizing gays and lesbians….We have contempt for supposedly devout people like George Bush who upon travelling to the Middle East “joked” that he was going to inform Israelis that they were all going to hell. We have contempt for high ranking public officials like James Watt whose belief in impending armageddon drove his environmental policy. We have contempt for the fact that the media have turned Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell into the public faces of religion in this country.

Amen. Go read the whole rant.

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