I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO’S CONFUSED, AM I?….Things have gotten completely nuts. Maybe Osama is alive, maybe not. Maybe we’ve captured him, maybe not. The president decided last night whether to invade Iraq, no he didn’t. There’s a press conference today, the first in four months, but it’s not about Osama or invading Iraq ? or is it? We’re willing to settle for a compromise UN resolution, but maybe we don’t care about UN resolutions anymore. Saddam is destroying weapons, no he’s not. We’ve quietly accepted a nuclear North Korea, no we haven’t.

This is crazy. What the hell is going on in Washington DC? I quite understand that the president of the United States cannot publicly say everything he’d like to, but even so the confusion and lack of planning in this administration have grown to Olympian proportions.

Tom Spencer is taking suggestions for questions for tonight’s press conference. I’d propose one except that I’m sure his answer to every question will be either (a) Saddam is an evil man or (b) we don’t know ? but we’re 100% committed to whatever it is we’re committed to. And when it’s all over, Andrew Sullivan will declare it a magnificent performance.

Having given up on Steven Den Beste ? although even the post that says he’s giving up has now been deleted ? perhaps D? can switch gears and give us “Shorter George Bush” after watching the press conference. I’m sure we’d all be grateful.