DNA TESTING….John Ashcroft has asked Congress to budget $1 billion over five years to increase the use of DNA analysis in crime fighting. I’m a big fan of DNA analysis, and this sounds like good news to me since the proposal seems to provide funds for using DNA testing both to catch criminals and to exonerate them:

The plan announced by Attorney General John Ashcroft would also commit federal money for the first time for DNA testing of convicted felons who argue that they are innocent, and it would expand the types of crimes that would be included in a national DNA database.

I don’t know if there’s any fine print here I should be worried about ? this is John Ashcroft we’re talking about here ? but I’ll tentatively say that this sounds like good news. The prime goal of law enforcement shouldn’t be either toughness or leniency, it should be accuracy. This is a good step toward that goal.