IMAGE IS EVERYTHING….Andrew Sullivan on why working with the UN is worth the effort:

If, by some miracle, we get a majority and France vetoes, the impact will be huge for the worldwide legitimacy of the war and – just as importantly – for the marginalization of Paris. A few days is worth that effort, even if it fails. But more important, what matters is the appearance of effort.

Yep, got to keep up pretenses. We wouldn’t want anyone to think that we’d been planning to go to war all along no matter what, would we?

Don’t tell Sullivan, but I have a feeling that no one’s been fooled.

MORE SULLIVAN: He follows this up with a show of disgust over Hans Blix’s comment that in combatting terrorist “we have to look at the social problems as well.” Says Sullivan: “You see in this interview every half-baked European rationale for ignoring the threat we face.”

But here’s a bit more of what Blix said: “…to get at the social conditions ? better democracy, more education in the Middle East, giving the hope for the many youngsters in that part of the world ? now that’s harder.”

Hmmm, more democracy. That sounds familiar. In fact, Sullivan himself is a big proponent of the neocon proposition that America is going to ignite a tidal wave of democracy in the Middle East that will transform the entire region and put an end to terrorism. If that’s not an attempt to solve a “social problem,” what is?