CALPUNDIT AT WAR….I was hoping the war would be over by the time I got back home, but no dice. This is bad news for everyone actually fighting the war, of course, but also bad news for blogging ? on this blog, at least.

I mean, let’s get serious: if you want war news, tune in to CNN or Fox or NBC or CBS or ABC or just about any other channel, all of whom seem to be covering the war 24/7. But don’t come here, where all I can do is regurgitate what some “embedded” reporter just told us via an artifact-ridden-two-frames-per-second videophone report from a desert alleged to be in Iraq somewhere. And analysis of how the war is going? Don’t make me laugh.

I do wish the networks would knock off the continuous coverage, though. They’ve all proven they can do it ? except for ABC, of course, which mysteriously decided to stop covering the war during their actual scheduled news segment on Thursday ? and they can always break in if there’s any genuine news. Frankly, I’d reather watch Jeopardy at 7:00 than another half hour of non-news from Iraq.

Like Atrios, I will try to keep warblogging to a reasonable level here. This may be hard, since apparently normal news all halts while a war is going on, but I’ll try to track down a few non-war items here and there. We’ll see how it goes.

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