ACADEMY AWARD WRAPUP….Sorry, Ted, but I’m not heading over to Freep land even if you do pay me. (Although, you know, you could always make me an offer….)

As it turns out, conservative reaction to the Academy Awards seems to be pretty muted. Sure, they all thought Michael Moore was an idiot, but Steve Martin’s quip lightened their outrage (and besides, Moore got some boos in addition to the applause). Adrien Brody’s speech hit a good tone, showing obvious concern for both the horror of war and his friend in the army. And Susan Sarandon’s peace sign ? well, that was pretty restrained for Susan Sarandon.

The best comment of the night? Steve Martin’s final line: “For all our service men and women overseas, I hope you enjoyed the show. It was for you.”

And can I just say that I wish they’d bring back Steve Martin to host every year? Sure, not every joke went over, but as a standup comic I think he’s unbeatable. Billy Crystal, on the other hand, just makes me wince.

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