EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ARRESTS….Yesterday I noted that Cass Sunstein, speaking on Bill O’Reilly’s show, claimed that in Chicago police arrested only male protesters, not female ones. The Chicago Tribune seemed to say otherwise, and today I got an email from the parent of one of the protesters confirming the Tribune’s side of things:

In Chicago’s Thursday night protest the cops targeted women to arrest in greater numbers than ever before. When the women were in the cells/holding pens waiting to be processed they were shouted at over and over to make sure they tell their friends about what happens when you protest. Most of the men were released the morning after – the women released late into the afternoon. It was really ugly. And get this: at the police stations (Grand Ave Station for the women and girls – Pullman Station for the boys and men) the cops all had black tape over their badges!

So not only were women arrested, it appears they were actually treated a bit worse than the men.