WAR ON THE CHEAP….A few days ago I was musing about why Donald Rumsfeld was so determined to wage such a cheap war on Iraq. Why not send in another couple of divisions and spend $150 billion instead of $75 billion? Who cares, really?

Mickey Kaus has been musing about this too, and comes to one of the same conclusions I did: he wants it to be cheap because he wants to fight a whole bunch of these wars. It’s the neocon grand plan, after all.

The difference between Mickey and me, though, is that when Mickey gets paranoid, he goes whole hog. Check it out here.

(And why is it that kausfiles doesn’t have permalinks, anyway? You’ll just have to scroll down to “Kf gets paranoid” for this one.)

UPDATE: Matt Yglesias ups it a notch and gives Mickey a run for his money. But he says he’s just kidding. Really.

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