SHOOTING THE MESSENGER….Judy Keen’s profile of George Bush in USA Today has come in for much ridicule due to its exceptionally fawning tone, and rightfully so. On the other hand, I guess everyone deserves a puff piece once in a while, and this is Bush’s for April.

Here’s the paragraph that struck me the most:

News coverage of the war often irritates him. He’s infuriated by reporters and retired generals who publicly question the tactics of the war plan. Bush let senior Pentagon officials know that he was peeved when Lt. Gen. William Wallace, the Army’s senior ground commander in Iraq, said last week that guerrilla fighting, Iraqi resistance and sandstorms have made a longer war more likely. But Bush has told aides that he wants to hear all the news from the front ? good and bad.

Let me get this straight: he was “peeved” when Wallace said Iraqi tactics made a longer war more likley, but he also says he wants to hear all the news, “good and bad.”

I can tell you from experience that you can’t have it both ways. If you get peeved when people come through the office door with bad news, they’re going to stop coming. After all, Bush is the boss, and no one wants to make the boss mad.

Or is it that he just doesn’t want the public to hear the bad news?