WHO’S RIGHT?….WHO’S WRONG?….Max Sawicky tots up the claims of the pro-war and anti-war sides from the vantage point of, um, two weeks of war and concludes that the anti-war partisans have the advantage so far.

I’m inclined to agree, but with the caveat that it’s far too early to tell. I will say this, however: if it turns out that Saddam has no significant WMD capability ? and please don’t insult our intelligence by claiming that it’s all been spirited away to Syria ? then the pro-war folks will have been flatly wrong. No matter what they say now, this was the primary excuse for the war and they know it.

I won’t mourn the fall of Saddam in any case, but we damn well better find those swimming pools of anthrax that W and his gang have been promising us.

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