OH? DO SUVs USE OIL TOO?….So here we are spending a hundred billion dollars invading Iraq in order to stabilize the Middle East, the world’s primary source of oil, but back home the idea of reducing dependence on foreign oil is getting a chilly reception. Mostly from Republicans, of course:

The House on Thursday thwarted an effort to force automakers to raise the fuel economy standards for SUVs and other vehicles as it moved toward approval of a sweeping energy bill.

….The 268-162 vote against the stricter rules came during a daylong debate on a Republican-drafted bill that, among other provisions, would provide $18 billion in tax breaks to encourage more energy production and conservation.

….Opponents argued that the tougher standards would lead to smaller, lighter and less-safe vehicles and would cost the U.S. auto industry jobs. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said mandating a tougher fuel standard would be comparable to “treating obesity by mandating smaller pant sizes.”

No, Mike, it would be like treating obesity by getting people to eat less, a proven strategy. Giving people tax breaks to eat less, on the other hand, would rightfully be considered a rather dubious plan, wouldn’t it?

Talk about your folks whose only tool is a hammer. Is it now official Republican theology that tax breaks are the singular solution to every single problem there is?