TRADING CARDS, PART 2….I knew someone would come through. Thanks to reader David Phillips, here are the three not-so-bad-after-all Iraqis who made the list of 55 bad guys but didn’t get playing cards of their own:

26. Nayif Shindakh Thamir — BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia – Salah ad Din Gov.
34. Husayn Al Awawi — BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia – Ninawa Governate
35. Khamis Sirhan al Muhammad — BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia – Karbala Governate

Why them? Who knows.

And here’s a PDF of the entire deck. Print ’em out and make your own! Of course, it seems to indicate that there are actually 56 playing cards…..