CASTRO AND CUBA….Matt Welch has been keeping a close eye on the Castro show trials (just start at the top and scroll down), and I have to admit that the whole Castro things perplexes me. On the one hand, I can’t conceive of why so many Hollywood celebrities seem to idolize him. Sure, Batista was no great shakes, but Castro’s not exactly heading up a liberal democracy over there in Cuba either. He runs a pretty tough operation.

On the other hand, Cuban exiles in Miami excepted, the conservative obsession with him also seems odd. I mean, he’s really just a garden variety tinpot dictator. I don’t like him either, but there’s at least several dozen in the world who are as bad or worse.

One of the mysteries of life, I suppose.

UPDATE: Nathan Newman has more. Apparently there’s a “Lefties Against Castro” petition circulating. Add your name to the list!

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