ABU ABBAS….You know, I don’t want this site to become InstapunditWatch ? really I don’t ? but how can you ignore stuff like this post about the capture of Palestinian terrorist Abu Abbas?

UPDATE: Note how the BBC plays it:

During the hijack, an elderly American passenger was killed.

No mention that he was Jewish, or in a wheelchair, or tossed overboard — all details that would have been lovingly emphasized in the unlikely event that such an atrocity had been perpetrated by, say, a U.S. Marine.

Here’s what the BBC piece actually says:

The PLF carried out the attack on the Italian liner to demand the release of 50 Palestinian prisoners being held in Israel….The gunmen shot dead a disabled American tourist, 69 year-old Leon Klinghoffer, whose body was thrown overboard in his wheelchair.

Would it have killed him to read seven more paragraphs? And is he really suggesting that the BBC is institutionally anti-semitic?

UPDATE: Glenn’s post has been updated to note that “the wheelchair is in the story now. Heh.” I’m not quite sure what the “heh” is for. And reader Geoffrey Green writes to point out that the paragraph I excerpted is now gone and the wheelchair is right up top in the second paragraph. So apparently this story was being updated during the day.

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