HUMAN RIGHTS….The UN Human Rights Commission met Wednesday and Thursday, giving Fidel Castro only a mild rebuke and removing Sudan and others from international monitoring. How did the major media react?

  • Los Angeles Times
    Refusing to face reality, much less grow a spine, the United Nations Human Rights Commission voted Thursday in Geneva to give Fidel Castro nothing more than a gentle slap on the wrist for his brutal surge of new human rights violations in Cuba….What U.N. commission members did, in the false name of political parity, was to make Cuba’s newly brutalized human rights advocates pay for the perceived sins of the U.S. president. Shame.

  • Washington Post
    But this is not the only outrage perpetuated at this year’s meeting of the Commission on Human Rights, surely one of the most hypocritical on record. At this session, the commission also voted against putting Zimbabwe on its list of countries requiring special observation, against making any special mention of the human rights violations in Chechnya and against an amendment that condemned Cuba for jailing dissidents. No resolutions were proposed this year on the treatment of dissidents in China.

  • New York Times
    Even though Fidel Castro has been brutally cracking down on peaceful dissent in recent weeks, the timid United Nations Human Rights Commission let Cuba off easily yesterday…It defeated an amendment that would have condemned the recent roundup and sham trials of nearly 100 independent writers and advocates for democracy….However misguided Washington’s policy toward Havana may be, Latin American nations should stop indulging Mr. Castro’s totalitarian practices. Judging Mr. Castro’s regime is indeed a litmus test for Latin American nations ? a test of the maturity of their own democracies.

Damn liberal media, always coddling dicators and fawning over Castro. They should be ashamed of themselves.