TAX CUTS AND THE FRENCH….So I get back from lunch and there’s an email from a reader titled “Tax Cuts and the French.” How can you resist a teaser like that?

So I click on the link and go to In One Eye, a blog whose only permanent links are to Atrios and me. Another good sign! And sure enough, there’s a link to this Eleanor clift column in Newsweek:

Two moderate Republican senators, Ohio?s George Voinovich and Maine?s Olympia Snowe, are under intense pressure to renege on their pledge to hold Bush?s tax cut at $350 billion. The conservative Club for Growth is running an ad in Ohio with a photo of Voinovich next to a French flag. The group?s press release calls Voinovich a ?Franco Republican.? The same ad is slated for Maine with Snowe pictured alongside the French flag. A narrator equates the senators? opposition to the full Bush tax cut with French opposition to the Iraq invasion.

You just have to love stuff like this. Back in November the cool thing was to run pictures of Tom Daschle superimposed on Saddam Hussein, now it’s moderate Republicans being linked to Jacques Chirac. I guess he’s now taken Saddam’s place as the Worst Person in the World?.

(Actually, there’s no love lost between Bush and the Club for Growth, so I think Clift is unfair in blaming Bush for this, but still…..)

UPDATE: Via The Filibuster, here are screen shots of the ads at the Club For Growth website. Lovely stuff.