FINDING THE WMDs….This story says that France has proposed ending UN sanctions on Iraq. This story says that Hans Blix would like to send his UN inspection team back to Iraq.

Sounds like there might be a deal here: end the sanctions in return for letting UNMOVIC back in. I think working with UNMOVIC would be in our best interests in any case, but if it helped to get an overall UN deal moving it would be even better.

And while we’re on the subject, note this comment of Blix’s from a BBC interview: “I think it’s been one of the disturbing elements that so much of the intelligence on which the capitals built their case seemed to have been shaky.” No kidding. No matter what we discover over the next few months, one thing that’s already clear is that either (a) U.S. and British intelligence in Iraq was close to useless, or (b) administration members deliberately lied about it over the objections of the intelligence agencies themselves. I’m not really sure which of these worries me more.