A GLUT OF CHALABIS….I suppose this is common knowledge among people more plugged into the Iraqi exile community than I am, but it turns out that the Pentagon’s choice to head up Iraq, Ahmed Chalabi, has a cousin, Fadhil Chalabi, who is now the favorite to run the all-important oil ministry. It’s nice to keep everything in the family, isn’t it?

According to the Observer, Chalabi

said he would be prepared to serve the Iraqi oil industry if a democratically elected government was in place.

….’Privatisation or partial privatisation is the way to secure this investment.’

Basically, the trial balloon he’s lofting is that Iraq should (a) leave OPEC, regretfully of course, (b) pump lots of oil, thus bringing down the price, and (c) sell off Iraq’s oil assets to private companies.

Oh yes, he sounds like he should do just fine. I wonder if there are any more of these Chalabis around to fill up the other ministries?