BYE-BYE, DOC SEARLS….Via Brad DeLong comes a link to Doc Searls’ blog that reminds me of why I find him so annoying. He’s reporting on the fact that Overture, an internet advertising company, is reporting pretty good revenues, which is fine, but then he says this:

Bye-bye to ad agencies. Bye-bye to creative, media and account folks. Bye-bye to operational frictions and value-subtracting costs and annoyances of all kinds. Give it time, and you’ll be saying bye-bye to traditional media too.

Hey, I think the web is great, I love the web to death, I used to manage web software, and I happily pay 40 bucks a month for my cable modem. But that doesn’t mean I think the rest of the world is about to go away.

Why does Searls feel the need to do this? It’s one thing to overhype Overture’s success (revenues may have been up, but earnings were down considerably), it’s quite another to insist that it’s a sign of the impending end of traditional media.

Does anyone still believe this nonsense?

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