KEVINS….So what’s up in the world of blogging Kevins? Here’s what:

  • This Kevin is asking himself the ultimate question: why do I blog?

  • This Kevin has some advice on making PowerPoint slides for church.

  • This Kevin thinks Richard Cohen is full of shit.

  • This Kevin says Pepsi’s products are better than Coke’s ? and has the numbers to back it up.

  • This Kevin thinks the iTunes Music Store is pretty good.

  • This Kevin thinks people who have been admitted to Yale should quit complaining.

  • This Kevin was asked by his employer to quit blogging and get back to work.

  • This Kevin has a picture of his brand new niece.

  • This Kevin held out for three years but finally got attacked by a virus.

  • This Kevin asserts that Python is both dynamically typed and strongly typed.

  • This Kevin thinks Bush is going to make the Bush haters look like idiots again.

  • This Kevin thinks the Daily Cal is right not to apologize.

  • This Kevin writes in squiggles, so who knows? Something to do with computers, though.

  • This Kevin thinks a Hart-Graham ticket would be pretty good. Oops.

  • This Kevin is the go-to guy for copyright, trademark, and internet legal issues.

  • This Kevin says Minority Report is here ? almost.

  • This Kevin thinks X-Men 2 rocked.

  • This Kevin says that Marshall McLuhan “clearly understood the ecology of genre as part of the ecology of media.”

We Kevins are an eclectic bunch of bloggers, no?