MORE ON HEALTHCARE….South Knox Bubba has a long post summarizing the views of the various Democratic candidates on healthcare. Go read it.

As for me, in my ongoing partisan attempt to find the turd in the punchbowl, here is the paragraph that actually grabbed my attention:

I worked for a [guy] who told us one time in a senior management meeting that we had to get rid of all our sick employees and family members. Got somebody with diabetes? Fire them. Somebody’s kid got leukemia? Fire him. Wife got cancer? Divorce her. He actually said these things. He was serious. He followed through. He got sued numerous times but laughed and told them to get in line.

Note: semi-gratituitous partisan slander replaced in order to keep our eyes on the ball here. Go to SKB’s site to find out who the “guy” was.

This is the kind of thing that just ought to make your jaw drop and your blood boil. Dammit, corporations shouldn’t have to buy healthcare for their employees, they shouldn’t have to manage it, and they sure as hell shouldn’t have to worry about making a decision between possible bankruptcy and trashing their employees’ health plan.

This is just disgusting.