HARD PARTYING IN THE FJORDS….Via Tacitus, I learn that the American tradition of Spring Break is for pussies. For real hard partying, you have to go to Norway.

Norway? Yeah, and these are high school students:

Some of the new tasks up for this year’s knot-earning ritual are having sex with at least 17 partners, picking up a tender teen, getting a vagrant drunk and vomiting on the person next to you.

….While seven out of ten russ agree that the three-week party is a non-stop booze-fest, the traditional emphasis on earning recognition for swift and heavy drinking is gradually being replaced by an emphasis on sex.

Ethnologist Anne-Sofie Hjemdahl also sees this as a mirror of today’s society. “It is connected to the greater sexualization of society. Running naked down Karl Johan (Oslo’s central, royal boulevard) would have been much more provocative 30 years ago. The taboos that the russ challenge are always changing,” Hjemdahl said.

And speaking of taboos:

In recent years most schools have a birth control counselor in the organization of their ‘russ’ board and many hold a special information day where sensible celebration is discussed and free contraceptives handed out.

….Research reveals that three out of four Norwegians make mistakes when rolling on a condom, and that they use them less than their Nordic neighbors – averaging 1.7 condoms per citizen per year.

I wonder how American kids compare on international tests of condom rolling?

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