RACISM: NOT REALLY A BIG DEAL THESE DAYS?….Commenting on the Jayson Blair situation today, Tom Bevan says this about race and racism:

Most people acknowledge that race remains an issue in America and that incidents of racism still exist, but a large plurality of the country today also recognizes the enormous progress that has been made over the last few decades and continues to grow increasingly disinterested in the color of a person’s skin….

Despite these realities, Mr. Herbert and the rest of diversity crowd on the left cling to the idea that “race is a big problem in this country.”

He’s right: we lefties do continue to cling to the idea that race is a big problem in this country. And the fact that he doesn’t is the source of the yawning chasm between left and right on what we should do about it.

Affirmative action brings with it a host of problems. Hell, everything about race in America brings with it a whole host of problems. But when guys like Bevan ? who’s hardly the most doctrinaire conservative around ? think we’ve made so much progress that racism is basically not that big a deal any more, what hope is there of ever finding any middle ground on the issue?

Disagreements about affirmative action programs I can understand. But a refusal to admit that race is even a serious problem any more I can’t. What kind of sheltered existence produces such naivete?

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