YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO SODOMY….Frequent commenter Sebastian Holsclaw, who does his best to keep us liberals honest (and has read every issue of National Review cover to cover for the past 12 years!) emails today to point to Deroy Murdock’s article in NRO picking apart Stanley Kurtz’s pathetic attempt last month to argue that anti-sodomy laws are a necessary bulwark against rampant heterosexual adultery. As Murdock rightly says:

While Kurtz himself opposes sodomy laws, those who support these restrictions tend to overlook the fact that they can throw adults in jail for having consensual sex. Approval or disapproval of homosexual, adulterous, or incestuous behavior among those over 18 is not the issue. Americans should remain free to applaud such acts or, conversely, denounce them as mortal sins. The public-policy question at hand is whether American adults should or should not be handcuffed and thrown behind bars for copulating with people of the same sex, outside their own marriages or within their bloodlines.

Well, yeah. No one is suggesting legislation that bans disapproval of sodomy, after all, we just think the cops ought to stay out of our bedrooms. It’s nice to see that at least some of the folks at NRO understand the distinction.