MARKETING….You remember all those great marketing screwup stories, right? “Nova” means “doesn’t go” in Spanish, the original translation of “Coca Cola” in Chinese meant “bite the wax tadpole,” and so forth. (UPDATE: actually, Basharov points out in comments that these are just urban legends. But you get the idea.)

Well, it looks like the Bush administration, masters of marketing that they are, have a problem of their own. Tim Dunlop has the details.

UPDATE: In comments, a reader points us to this New York Post story:

When the U.S. Organization for Reconstruction and Humanitarian Aid (ORHA) made its first TV broadcast to the Iraqi people Wednesday night, the new channel used as its logo the eight-pointed star seen on many buildings here. If ORHA’s head of communication, Margaret Tutwieler, or her staff had consulted with any Iraqis before adopting this logo, they’d have known that the eight-pointed star is the symbol of….the Ba’ath Party.

Um, didn’t they even suspect that a symbol found “on many buildings here” might be somehow connected to Saddam Hussein?

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