CONSERVATIVES….Ah, conservatives. If they didn’t exist, we’d have to invent them.

Political theorist Patrick Ruffini posits today that conservative bloggers ? aside from being “beautiful prose stylists” ? are more cosmopolitan and flexible than us libs:

….advocacy-wise, lefty bloggers make the most of their limited traffic by being very party line on Bush and most domestic issues. The “righties” aren’t. About the only things they’ve been consistent on is France and Saddam, and both issues are declining in importance.

This kind of stuff is always a bit silly, I suppose, but when you include Little Green Footballs and Steven Den Beste as examples of cosmopolitan flexibility, haven’t you gone beyond silly and entered some kind of parallel universe?

Now, we can argue about whether or not Atrios is a beautiful prose stylist, but the idea that the famously fractious left is some kind of disciplined monolith ? well, we can only dream about such things, can’t we? So if you want some entertainment, click on the link to Patrick’s post above, read the hilarious, almost self-parodic procession of comments, and then leave one of your own. You’ll feel better after you do.

But be nice, OK? We might be monolithic, but we should always be polite too.

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