FEELINGS….Roy Edroso is feeling….not too bad today:

Hey, how ya doin’? Okay? Me? Oh, can’t complain. Earlier, I was briefly made angry by this guy, who has figured out on his digital slide rule that conservatives are better writers than liberals (he also says, if I’m reading him right, that conservatives are more fun, more intelligent, and more polite; have better breath, whiter teeth, and stronger erections; and their shit don’t smell). Elsewhere, usual suspect Jonah Goldberg wrote, “I believe that in the far-flung future we will live in houses full of woods (real or synthetic) and greens and eat increasingly luxurious meals.” Yeah, I thought, if by “we” he means himself and his fellow tenured conservatives; the rest of us will probably only see trees if our concentration camps happen to be located on National Park land.

But I was too busy to keep up my anger over things like this. I am struggling to keep many balls in the air (some of them weighing thirty pounds and studded with razor blades), and that prevents me from paying too much mind to the hoots and gibberings coming from the fever swamps. In fact, these days my best moments come when I am perfectly poised between anger at an unjust fate and anger at morons with modems. At such moments I briefly forget who to be mad at, and am content.

Note: I am not endorsing this plainly unfair and over-the-top attack on conservatives. Well, not really, anyway. Unless, um, I wake up in a bad mood or something.

But I did think it was an entertaining rant and thought I would share it with you all.

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