GAY PARTNERS….For some reason Eugene Volokh has recently gotten interested in the question of whether gay men have a lot more sexual partners than straight men. This isn’t something that I’ve ever looked into (or cared much about), but I have to admit that Eugene has found a couple of pretty egregious statistical abuses in this area:

Eugene was presumably able to look up the original sources for these statistics because he has easy (and free) access to both a research library and online versions of scholarly journals. Most of us don’t.

There’s not much we can do about it either. So just let this be yet another lesson showing that you can’t believe everything you read.

Not that blog readers ever would anyway….

UPDATE: After reading through the comments, I’m feeling guilty for not posting the numbers that Eugene suggested were the most accurate he could find. I can’t vouch for these myself, but here they are:

Partners in
Last Year

Partners in
Last 5 Years

Since Age 18

Straight Men

1.7 ? .3

4.8 ? .6

16.9 ? 3

Gay and Bisexual Men

2.9 ? .8

16.7 ? 7

26.6 ? 11.5

Straight Women

1.3 ? .1

2.2 ? .2

5.2 ? .6

Lesbian and Bisexual Women

5.7 ? 7

10.1 ? 9

19.9 ? 10.5

The variances on some of these figures are so high that it’s hard to know how seriously to take them (5.7 ? 7 seems to indicate a negative number as the lower bound for one of them), but at any rate they are almost certainly a lot more realistic than the ones above.

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