GOLF PROS RUNNING SCARED?….I’m amazed at the amount of attention that Annika Sorenstam is getting for entering a men’s golf tournament. That is, I’m not surprised at the media attention it’s getting ? after all, “battle of the sexes” is always an audience favorite ? but at the reaction from the players:

“It’s going to take a tremendous amount of discipline,” said Graham, who also said she wouldn’t be surprised to learn of player withdrawals this week, with the whispered reason being “I don’t want to get beat by a woman.”

Are these guys seriously upset at the possibility of getting “beat by a girl”? It’s kind of hard to believe.

In other women’s sports news, Martina Navratilova, age 46, won her third doubles title of the year, this one at the Italian Open, a major tournament. That’s just amazing.

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