TELEMARKETING….Remember that a few months ago Congress passed a bill that established a national do-not-call list? Put your name on this list and shazam ? no more telemarketers! Happy days!

Well, not quite:

The federal law doesn’t cover banks, airlines or phone companies or calls made within a state.

Banks and phone companies! Can you imagine how that little bit of lobbying went down?

Hell, half the calls I get are from banks, airlines, and phone companies, so what good does this law do? And that’s not to mention that it also exempts surveys, charities, and political canvassing.

Oh, and the maximum fine for violating the law is $11,000.


POSTSCRIPT: And since yesterday I responded to a libertarian, today I’ll ask the libertarians a question: what’s your take on this law? Is it unwarranted government intrusion into a voluntary (?) commercial transaction between consumers and telemarketers? Or are the telemarketers infringing on our property rights by tying up our phone lines against our wishes?