NEPOTISM….William McGowan writes today in NRO about the horrible problem of nepotism in the media. It’s funny, though, he has such a hard time finding examples of this that in order to fill out a full column he has to resort to naming reporters whose parents are merely famous (Cuomo, Vanderbilt, Kennedy), as opposed to those whose parents were actually famous journalists (Koppel, Toobin, and….um, that’s it, actually).

But how could he have possibly missed NRO’s very own poster child for legacy hires, Jonah Goldberg himself? That seems an odd omission, no?

Anyway, now that NRO has come down firmly against the horrors of legacy hiring in the liberal media, I shall wait breathlessly for a similar denunciation of this in all other fields as well. Like, say, investment banking, Fortune 500 management, and Ivy League admissions. That ought to be a good show, shouldn’t it?