DEPRESSED….After reading the paper this morning I’m so depressed that I just want to crawl into a hole and go to sleep forever. I’m afraid there are days when I just can’t stand to watch any longer as the Republican party continues its ceaseless, step-by-step quest to destroy a great country and a decent society, and today is one of those days.

In case you want to risk a case of terminal depression too, just head over to the LA Times website and read about workers comp going bust, “disarray” in Iraq, a lifelong Republican wondering why Republicans insist on gutting programs to help children, another lifelong Republican explaining why this is actually a good thing, the remarkable success of the CIA in arming Muslim fanatics so they can kill our citizens, and….I guess that’s enough, actually. What’s the point of continuing?

No more blogging today. No more news, no more TV, no more Republicans telling me that the only way for my country to prosper is to give ever more to the rich and ever less to the poor, to starve any government program that dares to help education, healthcare, the needy, or the elderly, and to base our role in the world solely on a mirage of military dominance so breathtakingly misguided that it would make Julius Ceasar himself choke on his porridge. What is it that drives otherwise sane people to believe that these are the things that will make America great in the 21st century?

Maybe I’ll be back tomorrow. Maybe not. In either case, have a nice Memorial Day.

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