IRAN….I haven’t been over to the NRO site for a while, so I hopped over this morning and saw that one of the featured columns today is “We must defeat Iran.” Goodness, I thought, another war so soon?

But then I noticed that the author was Michael Ledeen. Since Ledeen basically thinks that the United States should quit screwing around and just invade and occupy the entire Middle East, I figured this was more of the same from him and wrote it off. But for some reason, instead of moving on I clicked on the article and read it.

And here’s what’s weird: Ledeen says he doesn’t want a war. Here’s what he wants:

  • A coherent Iran policy from the Bush administration.

  • More funding for Farsi language radio broadcasts.

  • Support for Iraqi Shiites who oppose the Iranian mullahs.

  • Support for the Iranians who have called for a general strike in July.

I can’t comment on how practical any of this is ? do Iraqi Shiites really have much influence in Iran? ? but it sure sounds pretty unobjectionable. In fact, it sounds rather like the kinds of things that mushy liberals tend to call for, not muscular anti-terrorists like Ledeen.

Is he going soft? Or am I missing something?

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