TAX PROTESTERS….From the letters to the editor over at WorldNet Daily:

I wish these income-tax activists would quit saying they are going on hunger strikes just to wimp out later on. I know that sounds mean, but they are making a laughing stock out of the movement.

Every time someone promises to go on a hunger strike, they wimp out and the politicians know it. Why should they care anymore? I used to follow these stories, but I’m not going to bother anymore. It’s getting old. Just another dead movement that’s going nowhere fast.

Yeah, dammit, they’re making a laughingstock out of the tax protest movement. If a few of them would shrivel up and die like they’re supposed to ? well, that might give them some real credibility.

UPDATE: And as long as you’re over there, check out Kevin McCullough’s anguish over the fact that too many of his fellow conservatives are going soft on gays. It’s shocking!