SCHOOL CZARS….John Derbyshire, upset that a 5% budget increase for his local schools passed by a whopping margin, prints this in The Corner today:

A reader writes: “School boards must die. From small towns to big cities they don’t work. They always get co-opted by either unions, ideologues, crooks, or all of the preceding. Turn out for school board elections is always low. To many of them are not voted on at-large but by sub districts. It is too easy for them to dodge responsibility. They will blame the superintendent that they hired. They will blame the voters, in desperation for power they might blame one another but is never the board as a wholes fault. A school Czar needs to replace the school board. A known name can be held responsible. Go out on the street, grab ten individuals and ask them to name one individual on the local school board. What are the odds on any of them being able to do that?”

I didn’t realize conservatives were so down on local control and so big on czars. I guess I should have known.

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