SUCCESS IN THE MIDDLE EAST….David Frum has a question:

If the Arab governments honor their pledge to President Bush to cease funding Islamic extremist terror, and if they agree that Arafat must be isolated and Mahmoud Abbas put in his place, and if Abbas then honors his pledges to end terror against Israel ? big ifs all of them ? but if so, then can?t we now say: The Iraq war worked? The ultimate goal of the Iraq war was to change the political culture of the Arab world ? and post-war, that culture is changing.

Yes. I would add a condition that terrorism actually decrease, but yes: if all those things happen then I think the war worked. Hell, if all those things happen I might even vote for George Bush next year.

Now I’ve got a question: having agreed that even though I don’t like George Bush I will give him credit for a tremendous achievement if Frum’s conditions are met, can the war supporters agree that even though they do like George Bush they think something is terribly wrong if it turns out there was no WMD in Iraq? Even if you think the war was justified anyway, shouldn’t you still be bothered by a president who loudly and knowingly goes to war under false pretenses?

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