MILITARY OVEREXTENSION….Tacitus points out today ? correctly, I think ? that our military is vastly overextended. It’s one thing to fight a war, it’s quite another to have half the active army committed to a long-term occupation of a medium sized country. But what options do we have?

There’s a few choices here, none of them good: We can undercommit to our commitments; we can continue to abuse the Guard and Reserve system until it falls apart; or we can resume a draft. Any bets as to which we’ll do?

Since this is one of my hobbyhorses, and this is my blog after all, I’m going to repeat that there is another option here: get the rest of the world involved. If George Bush had been more patient and more willing to compromise, I think there’s a good chance we would eventually have gotten UN (and world) support for a war in Iraq and we wouldn’t have to be patrolling the entire country ourselves. We’d still have a big role to play, and it would still be a big problem for us, but it would be more manageable than it is now.

That’s why the rest of the world matters and why we should listen to them. It might mean that we can’t always do everything we want, but the reality is that we can’t anyway. The sooner we learn this, the better.